Looking for the kernel in the data?

Looking for the kernel in the data?

Research can strike fear into anyone's heart. Not done right and your rudder is steering you in the wrong direction. And let's face it while there is more information available to you then ever before a lot of it is just plain wrong. 

This is a huge subject more then I can cover in a single blog post. Let me cover the sorts of Research that you should be doing. I like to divide it into two main categories

1. External

  • These are things like locating Names, Addresses, E mails, and Phone Numbers of potential clients. 
  • What are your competitors doing.
  • Market Research, what do your customers really think

2. Internal

  • Things like where are my clients coming to my website from? Is it social media? Organic search engine? Paid ads? E mail? Direct traffic? If you don't set up your campaigns correctly then your analytics are polluted
  • How long are they staying at your site? Beautiful sites with great content retain the interest of the customer longer.
  • Then there is conversion rate. Once they get to the site how many buy what you are selling? If your analytics are not sorting correctly then you don't know your conversion rate based on where the customers are coming from and therefore don't know what impact your advertising methods are having. Conversion rate also tells you how much people trust your site. There are ways to make a site more trustworthy from content to HTTPS.
  • Then there are some more in-depth research
    • Simple things like checking if a paypal payment really did go through can make thousand's of dollars difference in your bottom line. 
    • Recurring subscriptions can really boost your bottom line but not if you payment method doesn't support them. For example paypal won't let you process recurring subscriptions, so that raises the question if a customer tries to pay with paypal, do the customers not buy at all or do the buy using a different method?
    • Then there are the ones that buy and then back out. Why are they returning the product?

 It is IMPORTANT to your business to understand what your customers are telling us. Let us help you make sure you are getting the correct data and analyze it to extract the infromation that really gives you information to act on.

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