Just had a Heart Attack?  With the Latest Programming Bills

Just had a Heart Attack? With the Latest Programming Bills

Programming bills too high?

Has a bill from the programmers ever given you a heart attack?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the lingo.  A language that has your head spinning?  Confused why you want one thing and they say yes, but that is never what you wanted or asked for in the first place?  Check out 'OverSight' our Program Assistance, Translation and Supervision Services.

What people do wrong when asking a programmer to do work is they don't really understand what they are asking for and how much is it going to cost you.

You need to hire someone who understands programming, understands how the data is laid out and accessible in the sqldatabase, who understands what search capabilities are for programs.  Someone who will tell you that what you want is just going to cost too much or really what you think you want isnt really what you want or even what you really need.  Someone who understands that the specialized programming that you ask for today, that is so expensive, will not be any good to you , when the next update of wordpress or joomla or whatever base content management program you are using.

So either you don’t update or ..

Programming is always in flux. … so you need to be smart where you invest time and money on the programming on your site.

Programmers will give you what you ask, but they don't know business, they know programming.  They are not concerned if what you are asking for is the best business move for you.  They are not going to say to you, that if you change just this,  it will make huge

Example Joomla not being able to cart over originally…  you had to transfer data manually and re-enter it which if you had a large site would have been painful.  They try to make them cross compatible but every so often if a company truly wants to update the capabilities of their software they just have to let go of the old software, it is not always possible to make programs endlessly backward cross compatible. Even Adobe had to just shortly after releasing their new wonderful Adobe CC - Creative Cloud which they didn't expect to have to rename only update and then we had Adobe CC 2014.  If you want new capabilities then you have let go of the old programming…


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