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Search Engine Optimization

Long gone are the days when just adding sex into your metatags was the method of getting more hits on your site.

First off let's get something straight we can't and won't promise you the number one spot on the first page and if some does, they are lying to you.

Each iteration of Google's method of analysis gets more complex and yet more simple at the same time. 

SEO first off requires good content, without good content your site won't rank. That is a pretty simple concept not necessarily all that easy to accomplish.

This means the images must relate to the content and have to be tagged correctly. This is more important with responsive sites where images play a much more important part.

This means the content must be fresh and you are the first to publish it.

This means the content must be updated frequently

Then there are the things like responsive sites that rank higher because they can be seen on phones and tablets.  Google also moves a site up higher in the ranks that loads fast. 

Keeping up with Google means keeping abreast of what is new in website design. Still in love with the look of your 1980's non responsive, non-image intense website and you'll fall to the bottom of the page.

Oh the other thing you have to watch out for is that Google doesn't rank all pages the same for all computers. Others have been fooled into thinking they have a great ranking only to discover that it's only on their computer that Google gives it a number one ranking. 

Talk to us about how to make your site the number one for your customer and your Google ranking will follow.



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