Measurement Plans

The measurement system must be designed to for your business and what you hope to accomplish. For example here are 5 types of sites and what they might want to be measuring as their Macro Conversion. 

  • ecommerce - buying products or services
  • lead generation - get contact information for a lead
  • content - people stay and read and come back for more
  • support sites - customers finding the information that they need
  • branding - loyalty to your product

Setting up your measurement system so you measure the right micro and macro conversions on your site to understand how your site is driving your business objectives.

Deciding what to measure is the foundation of your Analytic system. Your measurement system is going to be made up of 5 things.

  1. What are the objectives of your business? write them down!
  2. Figure out what are the things that are going to get you to your objective, strategies and tactics
  3. What things are you kpi or key performance indicators?
  4. How does that dictate that you are going to segment your data?
  5. How are you going to measure those things also called kpi or key performance indicators?

This part is all about defining what you are going to measure.


Next you have to understand your technical environment. This is also a good time to write things down Some things are easy to measure and some things are not easy to measure. This is where designing a website with your needs in mind makes life simpler but not necessarily perfect or cheap. You know the old business axiom, anything can be done as long as you throw enough money, people and time at it. 


Next is creating an implementation plan. This means marrying your business objectives with the technical aspects of what Google Analytics can do for you. This is the point where you decide what you need now, what can wait and how the heck much is it going to cost you to get it programmed. Many years ago I worked for Abbott Laboratories and we used to get our sales reports in a printed soft cover book every month and they came with by product sales figures by month, by year to date and by quarter to date for every account that was in my territory. But, before that it wasn't adding up the totals by quarter by product and so if we needed to know that we had to whip out the calculator and add up the numbers. Most hospital sales people had 5-8 accounts and so it wasn't too onerous for them to do the addition. However, the division I was in we covered larger territories so for example I had 308 accounts that I was responsible for, adding became more of an issue for we. When I asked about having some programming done I was told it was $50,000 to change the program so get out my calculator. Eventually there were other changes that needed to be done so the changes that made my life simpler were done at the same time. But, these are the sort of decisions that have to be made. Do I really need that report at that price? Can I manipulate the data myself cheaper then it will cost me to get a pretty report? What are good solid analytics that I need to implement that will drive my business in the right direction?


Next is implementation of that plan, this is the point where the rubber hits the road. You have done the steps now is the time that you are getting set to reap the rewards.


It doesn't stop there! as your business grows and changes you need to maintain and refine your measurement systems. Both as your business changes and Google Analytics change.


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Last modification: Wed 26 Aug 2015

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